Skelekin! A Sneak Peek!

We wanted to let you in our world of the creative process. To start off,
here are the first few pages of Skelekin...

Wow! That is exciting! What happens next? You'll have to buy the book or just read it in your local library or at the book store...when we finally get it published. 
Well, I guess we could show just a little bit more...

How did we come up with such a unique and fun idea?

Skelekin started as a 3rd grade family project brought home by our oldest daughter, Annika.
We got an A and some inspiration.
Annika age 8

We decided early on, that this book would not be your typical illustrated children's book. Skelekin felt like more than just a 2-D character. Kathy ordered Dylan to 'sculpturally illustrate' each image! Well it was more of a collaboration.

And so began the process of designing and fabricating Skelekin!
A design that would evolve and change over the course of 4 years...

Present Day Skelekin!

Creating a world...

Not only did we design and create our characters, but we had to create a whole world for Skelekin and his friends to live in. That had to be imagined and made from hand...many lessons were learned. 

The characters in our story have a specific look and style. Hours/days/weeks were spent crafting each of the characters that live in Skelekin's world, not only the ones he interacts with, but if you look closely you will find little someone in every shot.

Our cast takes shape:

The graveyard & sidewalk:

The house:

Layout and homemade book binding:

And finally, who would would be crazy enough to do all this for a Halloween book for children?

There we are!

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